Sunday, February 6, 2011

The month of February

So, the month of February is not particularly great for planting and gardening in general. For one, it's freakin cold out all the time. And secondly, it's still dark by 6pm. That doesn't leave much time for outdoors after work. So, we end up spending a great deal of time looking out the windows that the garden and greenhouse sitting all alone across the yard.

However, we had 2 exceptional days that are worth bragging about a week or so ago.  We were fortunate to have some decent weather that allowed me do de-construct my garden fence to re-purpose the wood for my new greenhouse tables.  My good friend Zach was kind enough to assist me again (he helped build the greenhouse along with his sweet girlfriend, Megan), and we now have frames built, and the rest of the lumber sitting in a pile under 3 inches of snow.  I bet that will be completed some other weekend....Pictures coming soon....I promise.

My sole intent in the month of February is to get the greenhouse innards all situated, and my garden stuff ready to go inside.  I also want my new fence (now shorter picket style) to be completed...need new gates.  The fence is short to allow more sunlight over the top, and I chose picket style because it too allows more sun to pass thru, but no dogs.  Also, isn't a picket fence about as typical as a fence gets in a garden? I think it just fits the landscape better.  Oh, and I was smart to only make it 32 inches high instead of the standard 4 feet high the pickets come in. Care to guess why? I want my son to be able to see over the fence earlier.  It's just high enough to keep the dogs from jumping over.

I also hope to begin testing out some grocery store bought foods for baby food preparation. I am thinking that I can ID some good vegetables to try that may inspire me to grow.  Some are easier to grow than others, but some are cheaper than others, therefore it may not be worth giving up precious real estate in y garden.  For instance, carrots are about as cheap of a vegetable to buy. Maybe I will not grow them?  But who knows.

More to come soon. I promise pictures are on the horizon.

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