Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Gardening or Napping. What to do today?

So, the weather turned yet again to cold and snow. So, I'm not sure if any good work will be done outside. I'm contemplating making the trek to work today, as the snow is pretty deep and uncleared from the streets as of now AND my wife and baby are hanging out at home due to work/daycare cancellations.  It is a good day for family time, if possible. But alas, there is work to be done, so I'll probably make the trip around lunch time.  Here's my view out the front window as I read my latest Sierra Club magazine, sipping on a cafe Americana.  Tough duty...ugly view.

Nice view of Sleepy Hollow Park with a bit of snow. If it weren't so cold, I'd say it would be a good sledding day. But nope! 7 degrees right now!
My greenhouse has fell victim to the wind and snow...not too bad, though.  I believe the panel fell off as a result of misplacement of the little clips that hold it in.  Easy fix, but I'm thinking that it can wait until it warms up a bit. You can see the tables we built sitting there, untouched in over a week...I really need some warmer weather to allow me to get them ready for use.  40 degrees with sun is my outdoor working temperature.  Bring it on!
View of greenhouse from back of my home...Don't think I'll be visiting it today!
My wife informed me this weekend (Saturday, Feb. 12 at 11am) there is a Seed Starting Seminar at Johnson's Garden Center.  While it may not be the most interesting topic for most people, I figured since I'm about ready to begin the winter seed planting, it would be helpful to attend.  I'm sure I'll see all of you there, right?!

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