Saturday, January 22, 2011

Progress is hard to see in winter....

So, the winter brings much time to reflect on my goals and objectives for the spring, but it doesn't bring much in the way of visible progress in my garden. Aside from the huge 10x12' green house that I was so lucky to have help building several weeks ago, I am feeling like this sub-freezing weather will end all of a sudden, and I'll be once again behind in my planning for what is to be planted in the ground. 

I think I have decided on the basic design of my nearly 400 sq ft. plot as a garden.  It is important for me to plant items that every member of my family will be eating.  Aside from tomatoes, which my wife still thinks are killer edibles (in other words, she hates them!), we're a pretty good eating family. And that is what this project is all about. Discovering how to create a foodie from baby to grownup.  My son, now just a week over 3 months old, will probably grow up wanting to eat what mom and dad enjoy. Therefore, it is my goal to help him discover all the great things in life that we enjoy, but without all the processed garbage the big food manufacturers and restaurants want him to become addicted to.  I like the notion that he may grow up wanting to help me out in the garden...besides, I'll need some help!  Isn't that what kids were for back in the old days of the Great Plains?  To assist in production on the farm? 

One thing for sure I have decided is that I want to have some sort of fresh fruit in my garden.  While fruit bearing trees are generally not typical for Kansas, potted trees can easily grow on my patio and in my small sun room.  Winter is harsh, so having the flexibility to bring a small lemon or orange tree in and out of my home will ensure we have fresh citrus edibles.  So that means my in-ground garden will consist mostly of colorful foods, from beets, radishes, asparagus, lettuce and greens, tomatoes, squashes, peppers and herbs.  Of course, it will be important to consider the time line for production/harvesting.  Since baby food is processed so the baby can easily palate it, we'll need to make sure we plan accordingly so my wife and I have time to make and freeze the food. There is nothing I hate more than wasted food.

So, the next step is to actually plot out what space we have, and what we think we can cram into our garden.  By the time we get that done and can get in and clean out the mess created from last years harvest, it will be time to start planing seedlings in the green house.  I suppose we'll also need to build shelves to work on, too!  Too bad the weather is so cold right now...the last thing anyone wants to do is sit out in the cold.

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