Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reviews and News about Nuts

The cat is out of the bag. Wichita Eagle dining writer and blog princess, Denise Neil, has invited about a dozen of her followers and fellow foodies to join her in writing reviews for restaurants she may have missed in the past, or restaurants that may have been reviewed many years ago. We will choose a restaurant that is at least 6 months or older. That's the main criteria.  Our reviews will be published about once a week, and each of us will get the chance to write one about every few months.  It's an honor to work on this project. I'll take it seriously, however, if anybody knows me, there should be some humor in my writings. Photos Link

I completed my first review dinner. I won't spoil anything, as I promised that I'd wait until after it is published via the Eagle.  However, I will be posting the unabridged version here...Apparently the print space on the Eagle comes at a premium!

Just a quick recap of some fun food experience I have had recently.  This past weekend, a buddy and I from out of town made a trip over to Bite Me BBQ with a mission. Nuts. I have never tried Mountain Oysters, and I figured this was a good chance to try something different. I'm willing to try just about anything once. There are some things I don't like to eat; olives top the list, and right below is tripe.  I read a quick note about the restaurant re-opening in Old Town, and decided to add nuts, along with fried lobster, to our culinary eats.  The lobster was very good. Buttery (or greasy, depending on how you view it), even without the drawn butter. Fried lightly, they were tender and plentiful. The server said the tail pieces came from a 6oz lobster.  I expected an entire tail fried based on the description, but the bites proved to be very good. 

Now for the nuts.  Mountain Oysters are probably very similar to livers, but they're not as chewy. Slightly chewy, the nuts were very flavorful and not overly gamey like I expected. They were fried to a golden brown, and served up with a cream gravy (yea, no kidding!).   My friend, Jay, made the comment, "They're a little salty!"  And he wasn't kidding. I had to take another bite to know he wasn't just being funny. But they were not overly salty...just right, I guess!  While nuts are not the thing that I'd go back for, they were certainly worth trying. Especially if you have not ever had mountain oysters.  As for the lobster, I only got a few bites as we were busy chewing our way through a basket of nuts, and my pregnant wife and 19 month old son were busy eating the $15 basket of lobster!  Truth be told, I like them both. But neither were worth going back for on their own. The next trip to Bite Me BBQ will be for BBQ...that is, after they have their beer license.  We were there only for nuts and lobster.  We had a date with a huge slice of pizza at Picasso's Pizzeria!

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